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Shout out to Remi Pierre and Matt Estela for telling me about this.

(this quick tip assumes you're using a version of Houdini that uses py3.9)

You can customize the top left and top right titles of your network editor.

Here's an example:

First off, copy this file $HFS/houdini/python3.9libs/

To find out where $HFS is, you can either :

~$ echo $HFS with the Houdini env initialized or ~$ hconfig to print the values of common houdini variables or inside Houdini : Help>About Houdini> Show Details and scroll down until you find $HFS.

Now go to $HOUDINIUSER_PREF_DIR and in there, create a directory called _python3.9libs if there isn't one.

Dive in and paste the .py in there. If you're on Linux, the file will be read-only so open the terminal inside the directory and do :

~$ chmod +rwx

This will give you read, write and execute permissions.

The final path should look like this : $HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR/python3.9libs/ which is : $HOME/houdiniXX.X/python3.9libs/

Now you can edit the file however you'd like.

In the screengrab, all I did was :

def networkEditorTitleLeft(editor):
        title = "I'm so custom"
        pwd = editor.pwd()

I don't know how often that script executes, so do tread carefully.

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